Video-Interview with IRC-Fellow Sola Adeyemi

Video Interview with Sola Adeyemi, Freie Universität Berlin 2017

Produced by Leonie Hahn
International Research Center
Copyright: Freie Universität Berlin, 2017
Interview led by Antje Paul

In this interview, IRC-Fellow Sola Adeyemi, a lecturer in theater and performance at Goldsmiths, University of London, introduces the wide range of his research interests in global theater and performance. Talking about his research project “Dramatizing the Postcolony: Nigerian Drama and Theater”, he aims at proffering a new dramatic interpretation of the colonial historiography and postcolonial conquest and at suggesting a new reading of the legacy of dramatic narratives. Adeyemi’s study uses geographical mapping and dramatic narratives to express the idealism and figurative ideas that are representational of the cultural manifestations that construct the nature of postcolonial encounters in Africa. Adeyemi also explains how his passion for the theater arouse and his connection to Femi Osofisan.

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