Book of Ghost

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In 2009, inspired by Yuan Dynasty dramatist Zhong Sicheng’s Lu Gui Bu (Book of Ghost), IRC-Fellow Danny Yung invited four Asian traditional performing arts masters to experiment dance and theater under the theme of “Ghosts” to reconnect the past with present, while showcasing the beauty of traditions in contemporary theater.
There was also an additional performance “A Dialogue Between the Traditional and the Contemporary” performed by four contemporary artists, as a responding performance to the interactions with the traditional performing arts masters and their Book of Ghost performances.

Artistic Director
Danny Yung

Collaborating Artists/ Performers
Ke Jun (Kunqu Opera – Nanjing)
Patravadi Mejudhon (Classical Thai Dance/Theatre – Bangkok)
Sardono W. Kusumo (Classical Javanese Dance – Jakarta)
Li Baochun (Beijing Opera – Taipei)

Participating Artists (Responding Performance)
Park Hobin (Seoul)
Manop Meejamrat (Bangkok)
Huang Yulin (Taipei)
David Yeung (Hong Kong)

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