Video Interview with IRC-Fellow Shen Lin

Video Interview with Shen Lin, Freie Universität Berlin 2015

Produced by Center for Digital Systems
Copyright: Freie Universität Berlin, 2015
Interview led by Stefan Donath

In this interview, Shen Lin, the Chinese Professor for Theater Studies, Deputy Head of Research at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, Chief Editor of The Drama Journal, writer and translator, is introducing his research project “The Formal and the Political in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Performances.” Shen Lin speaks about the dominant role of Shakespeare as a global theater figure, as well as – in a very personal manner – about his own project’s connection to the Center’s fields of research. En passent, he gives important insights into his work as a cultural consultant for China’s leading performance organizations. Surprisingly clearly, he finally discusses the question of how “political” theater can be in China…

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