A visual note on Actor Training – part I

Symposium "Actor Training." (1) © Thomas Martius

Symposium “Actor Training.” (1) © Thomas Martius

The international symposium »Actor Training: Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Perspectives«, organized by the International Research Center »Interweaving Performance Cultures,« brought together a diverse group of specialists to (re)consider key questions about actor training and acting. Participants included teachers and students of acting from different schools and cultures, practitioners who interweave techniques, methods, and discourses of training, as well as an interdisciplinary group of scholars interested in issues of embodiment, consciousness, and subjectivity, which are central to the phenomenon and practice of acting and actor training. Instead of delivering lectures, the participants presented their approaches through work-demonstrations. The symposium followed on from a preliminary seminar on intercultural actor training hosted in November 2012 by the Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI) in Singapore.

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