Video: A Future Archeology

A Future Archeology

Photography, Editing, Direction: Thomas Martius
Camera: Benjamin Bayer
Dramaturgy: Katrin Wächter
Voiceover, Piano: Neal Wach

The title A Future Archeology assumes that given (social) structures are to be excavated in order to comprehend their constructedness. Referring to the experience of the social and political crisis in Egypt and Europe, Silke Bake, Ismail Fayed, Adham Hafez and Peter Stamer initiated the international project A Future Archeology to embrace the needs and potentials for difference. Together with Igor Dobricic, Samir El-Kordy, Christine Standfest, and Bettina Vismann, they set out to explore questions such as: What kind of society do we want to live in? What are the conditions we need to create for our lives? The group of artists from the fields of choreography, architecture and theatre tried to address these challenges through building spatial structures in Berlin, Vienna and Cairo. In March 2013, they met for their first extensive research and working period at Uferstudio 14 in Berlin. The video A Future Archeology by Thomas Martius documents, gives insight into and reflects on this first phase of the project.

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