, December 13, 2016
In the frame of the Theater Olympics 2016 in Wroclaw the European Theatre Perspectives symposium (ETP) offered a forum dedicated to exploring new channels for cross-cultural dialogs and engagement in performance, bringing together practitioners and researchers working in different regional, linguistic, and disciplinary contexts. Among the participants – consisting of many former IRC-Fellows as well as IRC-director Prof. Erika Fischer-Lichte – Christel Weiler spoke about “The Art of Encounter” elaborating her thoughts on how theaters in Germany reacted to the refugee crisis. She especially describes her experience with the latest production of former IRC-Fellow Nora Amin. For those who couldn’t be present, we share her paper with you. read more
, December 7, 2016
IRC-Fellow Tara McAllister-Viel is Head of Voice at East 15 School of Acting, University of Essex, one of the UK’s top London-based acting conservatoires. In this interview Tara talks about her current research project “Training actors’ voices: towards an intercultural/interdisciplinary approach”. She explains how her experiences as Visiting Professor-Voice for graduate and undergraduate acting conservatoires at The Korean National University of Arts, School of Drama (Seoul, Korea) have contributed to shaping her approach to intercultural voice training. read more
, November 8, 2016
What synchronicities of contemporary dance and culture could one find in Berlin? IRC-Fellow Susan Manning has been visiting Berlin since 1984 - in her text she shares her impressions of the city and its dance scenes during those stays trying to describe the particular synchronicity she sensed while in Berlin. read more
, August 18, 2016
In 2009, inspired by Yuan Dynasty dramatist Zhong Sicheng's Lu Gui Bu (Book of Ghosts), IRC-Fellow Danny Yung invited four Asian traditional performing arts masters to experiment dance and theater under the theme of "Ghosts" to reconnect the past with present, while showcasing the beauty of traditions in contemporary theater. Watch this trailer to learn more about the project. read more
, August 8, 2016
IRC-Fellow Chetana Nagavajara is a music lover. During his fellowship in 2015 he not only closely followed the program of Musikfest Berlin, a renowned orchestra festival, where top international orchestras, instrumental and choral ensembles and the great symphony orchestras of the city of Berlin together present an ambitious festival program with a new thematic focus each year. Prof. Nagavajara also put into words his impressions, thoughts, and criticism of some of the concerts and now shares these reviews with us. A treasure chest of passionate, critical and questioning reflections. read more
, July 5, 2016

Following the Festival Theaterformen, Gavin Krastin, one of the Festival Grant Awardees, sums up his experiences of the time in Braunschweig and shares with us what was discussed during a final round-table discussion between the ten young theater makers and performing artists that contributed to Textures during our collaboration.

A big Thank You to all of our guest authors and readers of the last two weeks! We look forward to maybe reading more from you in the future. read more

, May 10, 2016
In this interview, IRC-fellow Richard Gough, Artistic Director of the Center for Performance Research (CPR), Professor of Performance Research and editor, speaks about his central working interest and research project, “Devouring Theater: After Taste”, on food in performances and food as performing art. He explains the importance of the concept of “interweaving” for his work and the impact of his fellowship on his research. read more
, April 19, 2016
In her second article on Textures the Egyptian writer, performer and director Nora Amin, who is currently IRC-Fellow at the Center, develops her thoughts on the relation of torture and performance and its impact on the Egyptian society as well as on the Egyptian (performing) arts. read more
, March 16, 2016
In this interview, IRC-Fellow Nora Amin, a writer, performer, choreographer, theater director and educator from Egypt, discusses her reasons for creating "La Musica Independent Theatre Group." After the short overview of her theater experience, the interview focuses on her switch in interest from a more traditional theater to street theater and theater as a clear form of activism. In this context, she talks about her involvement with the first production of An Enemy of the People in Arabic language and her research project on her experience in producing a play during politically turbulent times. Her research focuses on the intersection between the culture of performance and the culture of protest. read more
, February 2, 2016
"The main loss in this situation is a loss of human communication and of identity. A loss of human behavior."

Nora Amin, current IRC-Fellow, states this about the rapes that took place on Tahrir Square five years ago. The following essay relentlessly describes those attacks on women and the Egyptian state - a political statement on the sexism and racism as "two sides of the same coin". read more